Parts and Spares

Parts and Spares

A vital part of increasing the longevity of your equipment is a proper preventative maintenance schedule.

If you combine this practice with a routine service and calibration visit provided by PTI, your laboratory instruments will offer you consistent and trustworthy testing for an exceptionally long period of time.

However, times do arise in which various components must be replaced. Again, PTI has the situation under control.

We offer a comprehensive stock of parts for most rubber testing equipment and most items are available for next day delivery.

Our shipping department boasts a vast array of ‘in stock’ quality replacement items ranging from bearings to temperature probes as well as various electrical components.

Whether you currently have legacy testing equipment or a more modern instrument, you will have the luxury of sourcing your needs with us.

A range of ancillary items such as die seals, o rings, rotors, filters, and rubber debris removal items are also readily available for purchase.